I found Roxy running in a busy street.  When I brought her to her "owners" they said they didn't really want her.  Well, I did!
Julie Personal
Dulcinea  Spring 2003 - Nov. 23, 2005
Cole was adopted by my sister from the pound on the day he was scheduled to be put down.  He's a "guy's dog" and decided he wanted to live with Frank.
Dicho was adopted from the humane society.  A skittish boy who was probably abused in his
former life, now he's a happy
Chloe  April 1993 - Oct. 31, 2001
In loving memory...
Osa belonged to a homeless man when she
was a puppy and was taken away from him by a
concerned citizen since he was dragging her around
until her paws were bleeding.  She needed a home
and we had one.
International folk dancing and yoga are some of my favorite activities.  Above are pictures of my family.  Elodia is my daughter and Frank is my husband.
These are the precious rescued doggies I live with...