Sonora High School
Students for the Future
Earth Day 2010
Get your green on!

Meetings every
Thursday in TR6
in Sr. Garcia's Room

Campus Recycling Project
(we recycle white/colored
paper, newspaper, cans,
and plastic bottles)

Work Day 1 before
Work Day 1 after
Work Day 2 before
(all the weeds came back)
Work Day 2 after
Old School Students for the Future 2002
Keeping our Creek Clean  -  7 bags of trash and a chair
Earth Day 2009
Arbor Day 2009
Japanese Maple
2009-10  Officers
2009-2010  Members
Schaeffer Meadow Restoration
October 17, 2009  Jupiter, CA
Photo by Jordan Lowery
20011-2012 Members
Creek Clean Up
Advisors - Mr. Garcia
Ms. Norvell

Check out Ms. Norvell's
new farm
Blue Oak Farm
2011 Japanese Maple Dedicated to
Jeremy Regalado
Pruning Jeremy's